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In addition to commonality requirements under Rule 23(a)(2), courts must also evaluate whether a proposed class's claims are typical of the claims or defenses of the entire class, as required by Rule 23(a)(3).
In the meeting, the Adviser noted that relations between Pakistan and Maldives are marked by understanding, warmth and commonality of interests.
This commonality is in the clubhouse exclusively adhering to placate smaller hours of day and night.
The new directorate serves as the central point of contact for policy, common business processes, and tools for systems commonality, acquisition policy, and the National Shipbuilding Research Program aligning to the command's strategic business plan.
Karzai, who returned from a four-day trip to China, said in an interview: "This visit of mine proved with great certainty that China and Afghanistan have developed a strong relationship, based on commonality of interest."
In Palumbo-Liu's rigorous analysis, the limitations--and falsity--of the delivery systems founded on human commonality are laid bare.
Keywords: Commonality, Acquisition, Contracts, Affordability, Best Practices
Programs collaborated and identified areas of commonality to varying degrees.
A350 XWB launch customer Qatar Airways has declared itself pleased with Airbus's rethink on the -800 variant, which is now based directly on the -900 to offer greater commonality and more range.
Cadillac has not released details on specification of engines for either the US or Europe but expect some commonality between this and the CTS so a 2.8-litre V6 petrol and a 2.9-litre V6 diesel engine are both likely.
"Shapes and Patterns" is a photographic walk through nature to find commonality in shapes and/or patterns between animals, plants and other objects.
For Ohio two-year colleges, one commonality surfaced for "best practices"-- the importance of Industrial Advisory committees.