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The new directorate serves as the central point of contact for policy, common business processes, and tools for systems commonality, acquisition policy, and the National Shipbuilding Research Program aligning to the command's strategic business plan.
Keywords: Commonality, Acquisition, Contracts, Affordability, Best Practices
Programs collaborated and identified areas of commonality to varying degrees.
I think "Shapes & Patterns" is a wonderfully laid out book for helping minds think beyond the common and see the commonality in all things.
led coalitions requires more than simple hardware commonality.
The two machines have the exact same engine, meaning that they share a high parts commonality.
I believe that Don's and my arrangement (has) helped make the sale because of the immediate commonality.
It feels unfamiliar, but then we see the commonality among us all.
Norrell, the book Common Ground aims to illustrate in its small powers both the diversity and commonality of man--our earthly community, so to speak.
Business Process Outsourcing will eventually level the playing field and create a commonality with outsourced services.
Jessica learns that they all share a special commonality.
Most of the architecture requirements for UAV commonality are being defined today, but compliance with them is not being mandated," the study said.