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COMMONALTY, Eng. law. This word signifies, 1st. the common people of England, as contradistinguished from the king and the nobles; 2d. the body of a society as the masters, wardens, and commonalty of such a society.

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These visits illustrated both the commonalties and the differences of the two educational systems.
Each seems to have its own distinctive approach, but at the same time there are commonalties.
He will examine the "traditional" roles of planetary exploration and terrestrial mining with a focus on commonalties and cross-pollination potential.
Just as she existentially anthropomorphizes the mouse and empathizes with its maternal responsibilities, she ruminates on the question of the commonalties and differences between a dead chicken and a dead man, thus investing a sort of shared humanity between the two: "And yet the chicken was a sort of person, a respectable individual, with its own kind of dignity.
In fact, these standards capture the commonalties which are evident in the many definitions of information literacy, thus allowing us to divorce ourselves from the scholarly debate and concentrate on teaching and promoting the concept (Grassian and Kaplowitz 2001, 8).
A contemporary art exhibition, "Native Views" guest curator, Joanna Bigfeather, selected 71 artworks by 54 Native American artists to explore the commonalties that all American's share while presenting the richness, complexity and breadth of contemporary Native American art.
Super (1983) delineated the commonalties and distinctions between the classical "matching" model of career counseling and the developmental approach.
Furthermore, language and regional commonalties may also occur across national lines.
While acknowledging that dialoguing must continue within the Lutheran tradition, ecumenically and among faith communities, we look for focussing on commonalties and ways we could work together on issues as concrete practical ecumenism that is experienced at local level.
Khatami points to the religious, historical and neighbourly relations and commonalties between the two countries, and says he considers the recent meetings of the two countries' authorities as an indication of their firm intention to overcome past differences.
Researchers have identified many commonalties in how brains of various animal species develop.
He carefully dissects their careers, looking for clues and commonalties.