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After alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, and crack/cocaine, these drugs are the most commonly used and abused by adolescents (Monitoring the Future, 2005).
Unlike nearly all of their peers providing capital markets transactions, Nationwide is willing lock the interest rate upon application without a separate hedge agreement in what is commonly known as a 'life company' rate lock.
The IRS maintained that investment advisory fees are commonly incurred by individuals outside of trust administration.
Identify the most commonly used bleaching chemicals.
It should be noted, however, that this pesticide is commonly marketed and sold under the rubric "organic gardening supplies.
Because building materials commonly are made of mineral materials and represent the combination of a variety of minerals or rocks at a specific time for a certain purpose, they can be highly distinctive.
A more readily available and commonly employed option is the non-immigrant visa (E-2) for "treaty" investors.
American adolescents commonly have a sexual partner from a different age-group or ethnic group, an analysis of national data on adolescent health reveals.
The network "health" metrics that they most commonly use for this purpose are link utilization, round-trip delay, and packet loss.
The purposes of this project were to determine which of four traps: the New Jersey Light Trap, the CDC Light Trap, Mosquito Magnet, and Mosquito Trap, was more effective in collecting the most mosquitoes and to determine which species was most commonly found in the Berkeley County area.