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But industrialized countries argue that the circle of donor countries should include rich nations commonly considered "developing" such as the oil-exporting countries.
Pig meat is commonly considered unclean by Muslims, and has been used in various attacks on Islamic communities in the past.
The most commonly considered factor when determining a company's ethics is employee treatment (48 percent), followed by where its products are made (34 percent) and if the brand/ or product is environmentally friendly (33 percent).
From the historical relationships between anarchism and communism to historic insurgencies, different styles of insurrection, regional conflicts and leaders, and deceptions, this contrasts various movements, leaders, the roots of political engagements and anarchism, and the political and social milieu of events with an eye to drawing together important regional aspects of a subject more commonly considered in the European arena.
For men, there are no physical consequences of miscarriage and so, as miscarriage is quite commonly considered to be a temporary physical ailment, there is often little thought given to how it impacts upon a father.
User authentication and payment or transaction confirmation are the most commonly considered usage cases for biometrics in mobile financial services, Mobey Forum said.
The SGS industry survey has confirmed that effective communication and collaboration across the supply chain, end-to-end supply chain visibility, traceability and transparency as well as knowledge of current and emerging risks are commonly considered to be the main three prerequisites to effective supply chain risk management and must-have requirements for the development of a resilience framework.
Spices and herbs are also variable--cumin and paprika are commonly considered basic ingredients, but some recipes call for cinnamon, coriander, saffron, rosemary, parsley or thyme.
KARACHI -- Experts at a conference on the rights of intellectually challenged people said these individuals commonly considered to have slow reflexes hold lot more potential than ordinary ones and needed to be provided with adequate environment to prove their abilities.
Even if there are artful masterpieces graffiti without the property owner~s permission is commonly considered as disfigurement of public areas and transport, causing hundreds of millions of euros removal costs and the usage of tons of harmful chemicals each year.
Washington, Aug 1 ( ANI ): A new study has found that the seeds of the Moreton Bay Chestnut tree contain a medicine called Celgosivir, which is commonly considered safe for people suffering from dengue virus.
The trio are supported in an excellent ensemble with Sian Howard as Raina's conniving mother deserving a special mention; part Mrs Bennett part Lady Windermere, she makes you wonder why her character is not also commonly considered as one of the greats for (older) women.