commonly known

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A male person commonly known in America as a "crowned head,"
This gentleman, who personated the bride's father, had, in pursuance of a happy and original conception, 'made up' for the part by arraying himself in a theatrical wig, of a style and pattern commonly known as a brown George, and moreover assuming a snuff-coloured suit, of the previous century, with grey silk stockings, and buckles to his shoes.
Few, if any, had the temerity to visit old Bukawai, firstly because of fear of his black magic and the two hyenas who dwelt with him and were commonly known to be devils masquerading, and secondly because of the loathsome disease which had caused Bukawai to be an outcast--a disease which was slowly eating away his face.
She threw herself on her knees beside Lilla, and tried, by rubbing her hands and other measures commonly known, to restore her.
It yields the article commonly known as whalebone or baleen; and the oil specially known as whale oil, an inferior article in commerce.
And yet he was evidently not a man to whom fatigue was familiar; long, lean, and muscular, he suggested the sort of vigor that is commonly known as "toughness.
Type II diabetes is different from type I - commonly known as juvenile diabetes - in that the body continues to produce insulin, the hormone made by the pancreas that helps the body metabolize blood sugar.
The company's products, which provide the core system control functionality within an AIO, are commonly known as system controller solutions, and provide substantially all of an AIO's electronic processing functionality, including image capture and processing, motor control, print engine control, and connectivity with personal computers and other peripherals.
Reyes had said that Ciriaco had suffered chronic health problems after drinking from a bottle of beer that contained sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye, on Nov.
EPA officials said fine particles contribute to breathing problems, lung damage and cancer, while ozones - commonly known as the worst pollutant in smog - contribute to coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, lung damage and reduced resistance to infection.
NEW YORK -- Ambient Corporation (OTCBB: ABTG), a leader in Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) solutions, today announced that it has showcased its Upper West Side Manhattan high-rise building, commonly known as a MDU, at the BPL 2005 Conference in New York City this week.
Enuresis is an often embarrassing and inconvenient condition commonly known as bed-wetting.