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While the concept of investment appears fairly straight forward, the financial engineering commonly practiced by US based investors are quite complex to the foreign investors.
Wrestling is commonly practiced by cattle keeping group like Mundari, Dinka of Aliap, Bor and other Dinka clans in Lakes states.
As communications technology advances, the indoor coverage challenges that have been long troubling operators have not been eased; rather these challenges are now even more grave as multiband, multi-RAT deployment is more commonly practiced and site costs and maintenance expenditures reach new high levels, especially when considering that indoor coverage can no longer rely on outdoor macro networks.
BiliE-im analysts said was commonly practiced leading up to the 2001 economic crisis.
The roots of Mase's book can be traced to 1989 when, at age 14, he moved from Italy to his mother's native Kansas City, where herbalism was not commonly practiced.
The inclusion of a male dancer in a performance exploring the experiences of female artists raises some interesting questions about gender, particularly given Paulikevitch's androgynous onstage deportment and his focus on a style of dancing once commonly practiced by men but today seen as the exclusive domain of women.
Additionally, the company can collaborate with breast centers and clinics where breast tumor removal procedures are not commonly practiced.
Manlift believes that the Middle East regulations for working at height will fast approach those already commonly practiced in Europe and that IPAF certification and powered access licenses will eventually become mandatory for all those working on AWPs at height in the region.
Equally, there are many different types of Western "hands-on" techniques, and some of the most commonly practiced include Swedish massage, Esalen massage, aromatherapeutic massage, rhythmical biodynamic massage, and various usually Anglo-American versions of so-called holistic massage.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to greatly enhance one of the most commonly practiced bodyweight resistance exercises, the Elevated Pushup System, has been developed by Jackie Williams of Ladson, South Carolina.
Qatar Petroleum and Total recently held a joint technical workshop covering operational and research-oriented aspects of acid stimulation treatments of oil and gas wells, a commonly practiced technology that allows enhancing well productivity.
In an article titled Libya to 'Supply Oil on Credit to Troubled Egypt ' Official' Summer Said and Benoit Faucon quoted Omar Shakmak telling Dow Jones the agreement, which would meet about 5% of Egypt's oil needs, was agreed on standard commercial terms, but that the length of the period of credit under which Libya would supply the oil had yet to be finalised and could extend beyond the six weeks commonly practiced in the industry.