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The opposition senator said his bill, a measure that seeks to adopt what is commonly practiced in other countries, was put in limbo due to Uson's posts to the contrary.
Dumping was commonly practiced by foreign manufacturers and for a long time this was done mainly through smugglers who took advantage of high tariffs imposed on tyres and tubes.
Circumcision, which is most commonly practiced by faiths like Judaism, has been a hot-button topic of debate in the medical world for years regarding its (https://www.
It is commonly practiced in some parts of Africa and the Middle East.
The value proposition of coalition loyalty programmes is its flexibility, which is not commonly practiced in the brand loyalty world.
The body deemed it appropriate that the name be changed to Bodong as it is a pillar peace institution commonly practiced while Ullalim does not generally represents the culture of all sub-tribes.
This fact should clearly explain the value of a start at younger age, which is not as commonly practiced as it should be in our country, he opined.
Although internet penetration in the region is still low, the potential for online buying is growing by the day, to the point where trends such as showrooming--looking inside the store and later finding the lowest price online--and webrooming--researching online and then buying in a physical store--are commonly practiced by users.
Birds were bled promptly after mist-net capture and banding or following a targeted delay of 45-60 minutes, in order to assess the impacts of a brief holding period commonly practiced in large-scale bird banding operations.
This number only makes up about half of the real number of violations commonly practiced inside public hospitals, according to Doctors Syndicate board member Ihab Al-Taher in previous statements.
The art dates back decades and is not commonly practiced today.
Homeopathic medicine, based on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself, was founded in Germany in the late 1700s and is commonly practiced in Europe, according to WebMD.