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That the book treats differently the compilers of commonplaces whose names are known and those whose names are not is a necessity arising from the form in which commonplace books survive.
As a commonplace book, it was seemingly not intended for dissemination beyond Hanson's immediate family and heirs, yet the text also serves a social end by keeping local records, history, and "scrapbooking.
Based on the names given and the date of the letter, there can be little doubt that this manuscript is one of the commonplace books of Akmal al-Din Ibn Muflih.
My argument thus engages not only McGill's understanding of commonplace writing in terms of experience but also Cary Nelson's expansive understanding of that category of writing, namely, his statement that "[t]he commonplace book .
Despite his insistence that his method is "so mean a thing, as not to deserve publishing," the Lockean commonplace book became extremely popular, and blank books using his indexing method were published for popular consumption well into the nineteenth century.
1) Benjamin Rush, The Autobiography of Benjamin Rush: His "Travels Through Life" together with his Commonplace Book for 1789-1813, ed.
49) A commonplace book of 1657 by Thomas Grocer in the Huntington Library does the same, as does Milton's commonplace book from the 1630s.
In part this is also a commonplace book in which he jotted down observations, anecdotes and quotations that came to mind while he was living a long way from home.
As I have always kept a commonplace book, I was able to find notes that I made at the time.
HERE'S the personal compendium that has inspired, amused or consoled John Bayley over the years - a commonplace book made up of poems, letters, diary extracts and passages from novels which form part of his mental furniture.
Milton began taking notes in his Commonplace Book during his Horton period.
However, Bob Perlongo has assembled a kind of writer's commonplace book, The Write Book: An Illustrated Treasury of Tips, Tactics, and Tirades (Art Direction Book Company, 0-88108225-2) that distills some of the excessive literary production of the past century or more (including the quote above) into a collection that, if not as readable as the other books mentioned here, is at least as browsable.