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COMMONWEALTH, government. A commonwealth is properly a free state, or republic, having a popular or representative government. The term has been, applied to the government of Great Britain. It is not applicable to absolute governments. The states composing the United States are, properly, so many commonwealths.
     2. It is a settled principle, that no sovereign power is amenable to answer suits, either in its own courts or in those of a foreign country, unless by its own consent. 4 Yeates, 494.

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When de Klerk released Mandela in February 1990 and initiated dialogue, the Commonwealth was quick to relinquish its adversarial approach to the South African regime.
The high-water mark of commonwealth idealism in America was the agrarian populist revolt of the late 19th century.
The partnership between COVITS and NVTC makes sense as COVITS is a leading annual event for Virginia's technology community, showcasing its innovation and providing a forum for thought leaders to discuss technology solutions to the Commonwealth's most pressing needs, and NVTC is the leading technology membership organization in the region, representing the interests of more than 1,100 companies that are driving much of the technological advancements originating in the Commonwealth and the nation as a whole.
Fifty-four countries are members of The Commonwealth and they are amongst the world's largest, smallest, richest and poorest countries.
On Nigeria, however, the Commonwealth managed to take more decisive action.
The bonds are limited obligations of the commonwealth and its transportation board, secured by and payable from general assembly appropriations or transportation board allocations from general assembly appropriations.
reviewed the progress of the recommendations for reform, agreed by Commonwealth Heads in Perth; and
The company's stock continues to trail its peer public hotel REITs and Commonwealth continues to dominate management of the company's portfolio.
For more information about Commonwealth, visit www.
The commonwealth, cutting spending significantly and suspending scheduled tax reductions, did not rely as heavily on nonrecurring resources to solve its budget problems as did some other states, but the stabilization fund balance dropped from $1.
The website also allows viewers to download a report issued by UNITE HERE - Eagle's Albatross: An Analysis of Eagle Hospitality Properties and Its "Strategic" Alliances with Corporex and Commonwealth Hotels - that details several problematic features of strategic alliance agreements that Eagle entered into with its Chairman William P.

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