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In his opinion, this also indicates that the Soros university is not searching for a solution, but just wants a political commotion.
Meanwhile, Keningau district acting police chief ASP Lee Nyuk Kim confirmed that PKR deputy president candidate Rafizi Ramli who was at the polling station during the commotion had lodged a police report at Keningau district police headquarters at 5.15pm.
Inspector Njoroge was summoned by Andayi after the commotion but said he was under instruction by Kinoti to arrest Longa.
"According to witnesses, a commotion was heard in a fifth-floor stairwell and when an employee went to investigate, they observed a male and a female having sex," the department said.
The Victim stopped his motorcycle, alighted and confronted the car driver and a commotion ensued.
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], May 20 (ANI): Sindh assembly in Pakistan broke into a commotion as a Member of Parliament assembly from Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) raised a shoe at deputy speaker Shehla Raza.
AUTHORITIES said yesterday's elections in the city was peaceful despite reports of commotion and an election-related arrest.Col.
He explained that the governor didn't cut short his speech as a result of the commotion because he didn't read from a script, instead he just gave a short remark.
According to Ms Peninah Wanjiru, a neighbour, they were in the middle of the prayers when they heard commotion inside the church.Ms Wanjiru said after he was hit, Mr Imili fell and hit his forehead on a bench that was in front of him before he collapsed.
A commotion by members of the legal fraternity on Friday forced the accountability court judge hearing corruption cases against the Sharif family to adjourn proceedings minutes after they began.
A goshawk made her way into the living quarters of a flock of chickens at a west Wales smallholding, and the ensuing commotion was heard by the property's owner.
According to the police at around 8pm during the baggage control check the woman and her daughter, who were due to fly out of Cyprus, started to shout and cause a commotion.