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The Holy Mass was abruptly ended, no more concluding prayers as there was a commotion,' Virador said.
Hearing the commotion, he grabbed the gun that Brown kept in the store and fired a shot that struck Daniels in the torso.
A commotion erupted at the Manila City Jail on Thursday morning as inmates conducted a noise barrage and climbed roofs of the prison facility, according to a report on Radyo Inquirer.
When Valdez 0began arguing with her on the front porch, the male resident heard the commotion and, aware of Valdez's firearm-related criminal record, retrieved a handgun from under the mattress.
Rodelio dela Cruz, alias Kulot, died from the commotion he allegedly initiated when he fired at the policemen during a buy-bust operation in Camia Street at 2:40 a.
A neighbor heard the commotion and ran to help her carry the ladder.