communal society

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Since Yaacov and others were interested in the Hutterite movement, they drove to South Dakota to meet with leaders and residents at the original North American Hutterite settlement of Bon Homme and brought the conferees the latest information on this vast communal society as well.
Members of the public are being invited to take part in the tour, organised by the Muharraq Communal Society, tomorrow.
Maguire contends the Exodus liberation event, historical or not, is a radical, revolutionary and conscious vision of an egalitarian, communal society based on distributive justice, "the first ideologically based sociopolitical revolution in the history of the world.
The municipality Altenberge intends to establish a communal society where there is also capable of operating the electricity and gas networks.
A passion for our country, for our language, for a culture, for a national identity, for a communal society,for a largely lost Christian non conformist religion,for community socialism, for the Werin, an educated working class and peasantry.
Individuals know that insistence on their rights could divert attention to duties that they, as members of the communal society, strongly feel about and how it may impact other members of the community.
Larry says he wants to create a safe communal society where people survive chaos in comfort, with each person doing an assigned job and interacting with others.
Smith, in his mystical search, sought out Aldous Huxley, who lived at the ruins of a failed utopian communal society in California--Llano del Rio.
Also as a part of their ongoing CSR activities, Diyar Al Muharraq partnered with the Muharraq Communal Society to organize a project to clean old Muharraq market with the participation of school students.
Yet there seems to be nothing promising in this story, which is based upon Harmony, a communal society established by Johann George Rapp in Pennsylvania in 1804.
Hawaii) explain the history, Old Order Christian beliefs and lifestyle of this established communal society in North America, and Aussiedlers' (outsiders) perceptions of them.
This is important for Lansing's interpretation of the funeral statutes, for, according to Lansing, attempts to restrain male grief derive from a specific sector of communal society that drew on a specific sector of the inventory of cultural images.