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John Curl's book is to be welcomed for its efforts to catalogue the various forms of co-operatives and communalism in the USA over its entire recorded history.
The Indian delegates were unanimous in emphasising Modi need not be viewed in the context of communalism, with which he was normally associated due to his purported role in the 2002 Gujarat riots.
Finally, the book undertook a comparison of integrative personhood and communalism to establish their relationship.
Seeking to place Communalism in historical perspective, Bookchin surveys the major Left traditions, endeavoring to illustrate how communalism incorporates the better elements from each, while offering provocative critiques of Marxism, anarchism, and revolutionary syndicalism.
This book is a much-needed conceptual and pragmatic study of the existence and significance of African communalism and philosophy.
Inside a basement classroom at Hunter College, Teesta Setalvad, the Hindu editor of Communalism Combat, a secularist Indian magazine that reports exclusively on the country's ethnic and religious tensions, had been invited to speak about violence between Hindu nationalists and the Muslim and Christian minorities.
Despite the multiplicities of viewpoints that exist in Kerala, the organizers of the fast against communalism were able to bring together people from a wide variety of religious groups and political persuasions and in doing so were also able to spread their vision of religious pluralism as the "authentic" heritage of Kerala.
Thin notions of communalism pass for social engagement, and weak interpretations of art as a gift freely given reduce the claims made for its socially transformative power to a therapeutic time-out for atomized individuals--the new postbourgeois subject performing self anew every day.
The communalism of old that had dominated the public and private spheres were no longer tenable, even if the 'religious' solidarity continued to command respect--a trend reinforced by perspectives from the growing Muslim diasporas in the West.
It would be a huge multiplayer online game like EverQuest, capable of blending the wired communalism of Tolkien fandom with fully interactive role playing.
As a by-product of the communalism, these scholarship programs were developed only for the bumiputra population, that is, the Malays and the aboriginal peoples of Malaysia.
First, evolving definitions and theories of community are analyzed to create a multidimensional assessment model for communalism as a target of change.