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We have to build a New India, which is free from politics of caste, communalism, and corruption.
Communalism Scale is a reliable and valid measure of this cultural psychological orientation (see Utsey et al, 2009 for a full review).
Communalism within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, organized by Joseph Smith in 1830 as the Church of Christ, drew not only on New Testament precedent, like most other religiously inspired American communal groups, but also on its own unique scriptures.
Are you going to rise above narrow sectarianism and communalism and be Indian?
John Curl's book is to be welcomed for its efforts to catalogue the various forms of co-operatives and communalism in the USA over its entire recorded history.
Keywords: African American college students, racial identity, attachment, family, communalism
Finally, the book undertook a comparison of integrative personhood and communalism to establish their relationship.
Communalism particularly after Independence has been the root cause of the ethnic conflict and the war that engulfed the country during the last three decades or so.
Instead, here communalism refers to the theory and system of government in which local communities are associated in a confederation.
Philosophical Perspectives on Communalism and Morality in African Traditions.
These movements manifested the ideologies of communism, socialism, nationalism and communalism.
Despite the multiplicities of viewpoints that exist in Kerala, the organizers of the fast against communalism were able to bring together people from a wide variety of religious groups and political persuasions and in doing so were also able to spread their vision of religious pluralism as the "authentic" heritage of Kerala.