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Be that as it may, it is not difficult to see the African communalistic flavor in the so-called philosophy of the African socialists.
But beyond this, it is also a world defined by an egalitarian and communalistic ethos with in-built mechanisms for the management, resolution and prevention of violent conflicts and wars which have become synonymous with a continent in the throes of war, crisis and arrested development.
Communalistic societies: Community and self-respect as African values.
It is usual to contrast a communalistic society with an individualistic one.
A third possibility is that social withdrawal buffers the individual from various negative social consequences in tightly knit social settings, such as may be characteristic of communalistic cultures.
From a position outside the process, it might be easy to criticize secrecy as counterproductive on the assumption that a communalistic sharing of findings permits those who can use them most effectively to do so.
Here I have attempted to make visible the forms of Partition's gendered and sexual violence whose origins are sometimes not communalistic nor nationalist.
There was a felt need politically to enhance the sense of "we are all Malaysians" instead of the communalistic concept of separate communities of Malays, Chinese, or Indians.
guided by communalistic and ecological principles, it is only reasonable
Ironically, even though Islam is a religion that perpetuated communalistic norms and opted for the welfare of the Islamic community rather than the individual, some Muslim women brought up in the secular context of the Republic stood up for their individual rights.
Thus the image popularized by Julius Nyerere, the father of a communalistic sociopolitical ideology known as Ujamaa, based on the African concept of familyhood, of African elders sitting under a tree and discussing until they agree.
Though sensitive to African communalistic continuities, Sidbury shows how much there had been "creative appropriation" of White Virginian s' individualistic legal, political, and evangelical religious modes.