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While the Varanasi administration's reluctance in allowing Modi to address a rally in a communally sensitive area where riots had taken place in 1991 was understandable, the excuse offered by them was far from convincing.
The religious movement in the communally sensitive city of Ayodhya in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh gathers significance as the VHP is making efforts to revive Ram Janmabhoomi issue and the cause of the Ram Temple in the city.
Costello said: "A lot of things that belonged to us all communally were sold out from under us.
This structural and functional complexity transcends mere public sculpture, testing Hirschhorn's conviction that community-based and communally built architecture can generate a truly public space--one that might foster the intellectual life and social engagement both of the underserved population in which it is anchored and of the city at large.
Written in an informal, anecdotal style, Terkel sets memoir cheek by jowl with reportage and history: "Often the works are communally created, the artists rank amateurs.
Our professional identity has especially been built communally by what we have been doing in SASOP and in our relations with fellow psychiatrists, colleagues from other professions, patients, patients' families, and other societies in South Africa and internationally.
Instances (n = 7) where we were unable to determine whether [greater than or equal to] 2 squirrels were nesting communally or using different cavities in the same tree were removed from the analysis and counted as individual nesting events.
Express" is an experience that should be shared communally before homevid rollout.
Hundreds of people attending Singh's rally at Sankhalim, about 40km from Panaji, were allegedly handed out the special supplement of a weekly magazine containing communally sensitive material.
In the early 2000s, the land surrounding the Maasai Mara National Reserve was subdivided from communally owned group ranches, into over 65,000 private landholdings.
The Ministry of Works and Transport earlier this week hosted a workshop on the draft transport policy of government garage vehicles to communally present, discuss, interact and obtain input from stakeholders.
Llama herds used the pasture next to the lake, where they defecated communally,' Chepstow-Lusty said.

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