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Major organization : COMMUNAUTEe DE COMMUNES DU PAYS DE CRUSEILLES (24740011200063)
In the first category, the winners are "Afriquia Group and the Rural Commune of Mirleft", "Amendis Tangier, Association les petits debrouillards and the Urban Commune of Tangier", "Barid al Maghrib and the Urban Commune of Bouznika", "Credit Agricole, the Urban Commune of Larache and Association AIPICA de sport pour tous", "Fondation Banque centrale populaire de l'education, la culture and the urban commune of Sidi Rahal Chatii", "Holmarcom Group and the urban commune of Saidia", "OCP Group and the Urban Commune of Laamachat", "National Railway Office (ONCF), the urban commune of Asilah, the rural commune of Ksar Al Majaz and the Association Association les petits debrouillards", "SAMIR, the urban commune of Mohammedia and Association Bahri Dima clean".
This may be fiction, but it is heavily inspired by communes that were launched with great hopes, and that often petered out as interest waned.
In the 2nd commune council elections in 2007, the CPP won 1,592 commune chiefs among the country's 1,633 communes, following by the Sam Rainsy Party with 28 commune chief positions and the royalist Funcinpec Party with 2 communes.
Ten political parties began their campaigns Friday for elections to select chiefs and members of 1,633 commune or municipality councils that will take place on June 3.
One commune head put the figure much higher at about 90, though it is certain only a handful are reasonably self-sufficient.
For decades, historians of northern Italian communes in the Middle Ages have ignored the role of religion in the formation of those urban governments.
Exploring feudal revolution, ecclesiastical reform, and state building, as well as offering a direct challenge to conclusions that overemphasize the secular nature of Italian city-states by pointing out how ecclesiastical institutions influenced the political and religious culture of communes, Lordship, Reform, and the Development of Civil Society in Medieval Italy is a superb addition to college library, Middle Ages studies and World History shelves.
Even the terminally ungifted could find a refuge in this city of 1,001 communal sanctuaries: the car repair communes, the child care communes, the food communes, the Hungadunga commune, the Kaliflower commune--or, if you were flamboyantly talentless enough, the Cockettes commune.
11) Starting out as little more than neighborhood watch associations devoted to public safety, the successful communes accumulated administrative and judicial responsibilities that were eventually catalogued in the rubrics of communal statuti (statutes).
This study analyzes the effect of the structure of communes on their success, using the data of 281 communes started in America from 1683 to 1937.
The government also claims to have established trauma centers, provided counselors to the communes and preached reconciliation to survivors of the genocide who may not look too kindly on the homecoming of the Hutus.