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BA is formed after the anastomosis of the vertebral arteries around the foramen magnum next to the emergence of the first pair of the spinal cervical nerve, runs by the ventral medium fissure and by the basilar furrow in the pons until the anastomosis with the caudal communicant arteries in the mesencephalon pons transition is performed.
Supporting the Arminian John Buckeridge's dispute with Thomas Morton over the doctrinal legitimacy of the largely Calvinist Dortrecht articles of 1618, Dean Frances White of Carlisle asked whether predestinarians in Holy Communion could "say to all communicants whatsoever, 'The Body of Our Lord which was given for thee,' as we are bound to say?
What does one do if the communicant belongs to a church which doesn't have the sacrament of Penance?
At the moment of Communion the communicant takes the host from the priest with his own hands--as if to negate the meaning behind the consecration of the priest's hands at his ordination.
Once a bishop hands over decision-making in the area of same-sex blessings in addition to recognition of orders or communicant status to the local congregation, one may legitimately ask, what is the bishop for and, given the autonomy of the local congregation, does the church need bishops for any purposes other than purely decorative?
While a resident of Biddeford and Saco, she was a communicant of St.
The headline "Vatican halts liturgical abuses" on page 13 of the June issue of Catholic Insight is naive and overly optimistic to the point of absurdity, as any communicant at Toronto's Saint Michael's Cathedral can confirm.
During the days, weeks, and months leading up to Emily's First Communion, I doubted that my youngest child would walk away with anything more than the feeling that she had been part of a photo shoot for a major magazine and an underprivileged communicant whose event was shattered by her mother's lack of attention to glitz and glamour.