communicate orally

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Excellent ability to communicate orally and in writing.
While at the workshop, Joevon attended four sessions where he learned about publishing E-Newsletters, methods of writing complete news articles, ways to communicate orally through radio and television, and tips on taking and editing photos.
A car does not have the ability to communicate orally with its owner because it is an engineered machine, making sounds is the only way it speaks with you.
The point, they say, is to prepare students for a world in which they need to read with understanding, solve complex problems, communicate orally and in writing, and collaborate with others face-to-face and virtually.
Going beyond these well-known figures in his life, Young shows that despite his antifeminism, Nietzsche surrounded himself with a number of "feminist friends." To one such friend, Resa von Schirnhofer, he chose to communicate orally, in a manner she found "alien" and "terrifying," the doctrine of the eternal return, before resuming (as she says) "his normal way of speaking and usual self." Beyond its amusement value, the vignette shows that in spite of his more notorious remarks, Nietzsche's emotions toward women were not confined to fear, anger and contempt.
It is critical that they learn how to communicate orally and in writing, in person and online, to be successful in our rapidly evolving global economy.
This research sought to determine how contemporary CPAs communicate orally and in writing to various stakeholders.
At Durand Academy in South London, Mr Gove also attacked poor parents whose kids start school unable to "sit and listen or communicate orally".
They communicate orally, which makes all control of the terms of the agreement impossible.
This study has found that about a third of the UB students in the communication and study skills classroom are anxious and unwilling to communicate orally. As already indicated the UB students bring the culture of silence to the classroom having acquired this culture from childhood.
When you look at the iPad right now - and I own no stock in Apple, so I get nothing out of this gig - we're seeing unbelievable successes in people who cannot communicate orally in any way.
Another, a variety of FOXP2, is related to speaking and the capacity to create a language and therefore suggests they could communicate orally.