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Unfortunately, though, studies find less than 10 percent of Americans communicate with their health care professionals via e-mail even though 65 percent of adult Internet users would like to.
how prevention campaigns should be designed to effectively communicate with audiences with differing levels of health literacy); 3) design and evaluate health literacy diagnostic and/or communication tools to help health care professionals identify and communicate more effectively with consumers with different levels of health literacy (e.
A type of sign language also enabled Indian tribes to communicate with other tribes whose spoken languages were different.
Everybody takes Spanish,'' said the senior, who is enrolled in a beginning sign language course and hopes to learn enough to communicate with a deaf cousin.
9) In a real sense, the way people communicate with one another reveals how they define their relationships.
consumers to simply and effectively communicate with one another using the video cameras in their mobile phones.
We use the Internet to correspond with our shareholders, with all kinds of stakeholders, and we use the intranet to communicate with employees.
Officeholder accounts can be used only to ``assist, serve and communicate with constituents.
The purpose of this study is to examine physician executives' communicator style preferences when attempting to influence subordinates who communicate with them in attractive (i.
Although this service is primarily designed to assist Spanish speakers communicate with English speakers, this same service can also be used to communicate from English to over 170 languages.
But, hey - Every day, every Jane, Joe and leader out there has more tools to communicate with more people.
Reno and her aides, in a telephone conference call with California reporters, announced that the state Department of General Services has agreed to spend nearly $2 million to equip the state's 475 emergency 911 centers with the equipment necessary for those disabled people to communicate with the centers.