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Unfortunately, though, studies find less than 10 percent of Americans communicate with their health care professionals via e-mail even though 65 percent of adult Internet users would like to.
how prevention campaigns should be designed to effectively communicate with audiences with differing levels of health literacy); 3) design and evaluate health literacy diagnostic and/or communication tools to help health care professionals identify and communicate more effectively with consumers with different levels of health literacy (e.
Unfortunately, agencies may have difficulty locating a trained negotiator who can communicate with subjects in a given language.
The greater the severity of loss, the less effective a hearing aid is in helping an individual receive and understand information through sound alone, and the more the individual must rely on speechreading, manual communication, gestures, writing, or all of these methods to communicate with hearing people.
Because of the Internet, or in our case, an intranet, the ability to continually provide up-to-date news and information goes a long way toward making it a stronger, easier way to communicate with our employee base.
SCSI's "intelligence" allows devices to communicate with one another at the data rate of the slowest device.
The results suggest that the way physician executives communicate in upward influence situations is affected by the way their superiors communicate with them.
We use the Internet to correspond with our shareholders, with all kinds of stakeholders, and we use the intranet to communicate with employees.