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The Reporting Persons have communicated with, and may in the future communicate with, the Issuer's management and Board about, and may enter into negotiations with them regarding, the foregoing and a broad range of operational and strategic matters and have communicated with, and may in the future communicate with, other shareholders or third parties, including potential acquirers, service providers and financing sources regarding the Issuer.
The rank and generators of Kihara?s elliptic curve with torsion Z/4Z over Q (t) Andrej DUJELLA, Ivica GUSIC and Petra TADIC Communicated by Heisuke HIRONAKA, M.J.A.
The Study: Twelve hundred parents who, when asked, expressed a preference to communicate in Spanish, were randomly divided into one of three groups: One group communicated with the doctor via a telephonic translation service, the second group had an in-person medical translator, and the third group was seen by a verified bilingual physician.
Comparing these with the more than 1,000 letters contained at that time in the FBI's Communicated Threat Assessment Database (CTAD) strengthened the distinctive quality of the two sets of letters and their author.
A critical issue related to pre-meeting preparation is choosing how much information to share with parents prior to the meeting, as well as how that information is to be communicated. One important question is whether the bad news should be clearly mentioned when inviting the parents to the meeting.
This common situation is usually the result of a company marketing strategy that has not accurately gauged the needs of the targeted segment or not effectively communicated benefits during the selling process.
Ideas are communicated through stories, pictures, models, and prototypes.
"This should be the fastest that anyone has ever communicated in the world," says Dr.
But it does take a little time to make sure all the info has been communicated and that in fact you can guarantee the quality of material you're shipping and your load will be evaluated with a positive outcome instead of a negative one.
As the report will reflect, the Board's bottom line is this: the Board at this time is unable to embrace the AICPA peer review programs for two principal reasons, both of which have been communicated to the AICPA on a number of occasions.
After managers conducted staff briefings, we undertook a second survey across the organization to identify whether the team briefings had taken place and how well the new remuneration system had been communicated. The program is still in final rollout, and we will be evaluating its effectiveness.