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An organization can choose to direct energy inward or outward by the way it communicates.
Then, use graphic devices such as underlining, italics, marginal notes, postscripts, and allows to communicate your most important points.
Imagine, for example, if a nifty organization such as Lands' End, the catalog clothing company, put together a corporate bulletin board, working it in part as a continuing focus group as well as the place where satisfied and dissatisfied customers can come together and communicate with each other about the products of that company.
I was born in poverty and spent two years on the welfare rolls, and I learned early that I had to communicate or die.
Mission: To provide a forum for peer interaction and discussion of issues on corporate finance such as capital structure, dividend policy, credit ratings, accessing capital markets and others; communicate its findings and recommendations to FEI members and others; deliver relevant educational experience for the treasury component of FEI.
Interaction blockages -- where personal conflicts, turf battles and the like prevent communication between people who would otherwise communicate openly
John's Central portal, where students and faculty can communicate, collaborate, and perform functions ranging from registration to grading.
The employer's concern for employees' welfare goes a long way toward establishing trust, and there are many ways to communicate that concern.
As processor 4 communicates information about particles in its edge cells with [I.sub.x] = 11 to processor 5, processor 5 in turn communicates information about particles in its left edge cells to processor 4, which become the right edge ghost cells on processor 4.
That is, Black Speak is invoked to communicate clearly and concisely a "truth" to another or others who have shared the cultural history and who are conversant in the vernacular form.
But language isn't just a tool to communicate morally neutral facts; language is both manifestly moral and suffused with the power to sway, persuade, uplift, degrade and deceive.
Some communicate via private loop, some via public loop, and some via fabric attach.

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