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Questions such as "Just so I know that I have been clear in communicating all this information, would you be willing to share your understanding of what we have talked about today?
The use of facial expression appropriate to the desired meaning and tone of a message is of considerable help in communicating with deaf people.
How do you see marketing as a different tactic from communicating, or do you?
Communicating in a relaxed style portrays a physician executive as calm and collected and not hampered by nervous mannerisms, creating the perception that he or she is confident and in control.
Remember, the Internet is about people communicating with people.
Lawful spending is not limited to the specified 19 uses, as long as the money facilitates serving, assisting or communicating with constituents.
The authors have been involved in training programs designed to maximize communicating with the Alzheimer's patient.
While the findings show that a dominant style is more likely to be selected in persuading an unattractive subordinate, its use is moderated by physician executives' being more inclined to be attentive, precise, relaxed, and friendly; these styles were also the preferred ways of communicating with subordinates who were perceived as likable.
For companies that are already communicating, the new system offers assistance for improving the quality and efficiency of the communication processes and reporting practices.
GG: You have contributed a great deal in communicating the value of diversity in the work place.
One was described as a subordinate who usually communicated with the respondent in an attractive communicator style, while the other was portrayed as communicating in an unattractive style (see figure 2, right).
Jim Snyder, President of Riverbend Nursery, commented: "Being in a seasonally dependent business that includes the sale and distribution of perishable goods, it is vitally important to have an efficient and reliable means of communicating product availability to our customer base.

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