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The realistic side is the urge to be honest when communicating both the diagnosis and the impact of the diagnosis, while the hopeful side is the desire to communicate the diagnosis with compassion and to focus on potential rather than limitations.
While marketing is much more than a selling strategy, the field salesperson's role in communicating the company offer to the customer in a business-to-business agribusiness market is a critically important component of the marketing strategy.
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Award programs provide management with another effective tool for communicating its appreciation for employees.
These openings feature her directly communicating with the viewers and studio audience, or with a video that introduces the topic with a pre-recorded voiceover.
Obtain buy-in from key managers and customers by communicating how the revisions will address perceived problems and weaknesses they have identified.
These devices can also be fully integrated into a translative environment communicating with private and public loops.
Even after the age of 8, using games can be helpful as a way of communicating.
I predict that every physician will choose to connect his or her office to a communicating health infonnation network based on the World Wide Web standards in the next few years.
On the other hand, if these two people were genuinely committed to communicating and absolutely unafraid and unresistant to hearing any kind of truths whatsoever or to facing any kinds of conflict, then open discussion would not aggravate their problems.
people is presented, as are easily learned skills that are effective in communicating with deaf people in general.
The seamless integration between Veriphy and PowerScribe will provide radiologists and clinical pathologists with a single, user-friendly interface for both communicating critical patient findings and for reporting test results," said Peter White, co-founder and CEO of Vocada.

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