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After angioplasty a new cross-flow via the left posterior communicating artery to the left distal internal carotid artery is seen ((c), arrow).
Aneurysms of different arteries, BA [16, 42], anterior communicating artery [16, 17, 33], ICA [43], PPHA [41], as well as stenosis of carotid arteries [20, 23, 27, 31-33, 35, 38, 42], or cerebral infarction [18, 25, 27] among them, angiographically were confirmed.
For imaging of the ruptured aneurysm, the anterior cerebral arteries were dissected approximately 10 mm proximal and distal to the anterior communicating artery. After that, plastic tubes were inserted in the anterior cerebral arteries to avoid collapse of their lumen.
[sup][1],[2] In general, anterior communicating artery and posterior circulation aneurysms tend to cause such IVHs.
Vascular Geometry Change Because of Endovascular Stent Placement for Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms.
The deep dissection strategy happens with the identification of the posterior communicating artery, following this artery to the P1-P2 junction.
Anteriorly, it is bounded by anterior communicating artery (ACoA).
In almost all reported series of aSDH caused by aneurysm, the most common aneurysm arises in the posterior communicating artery followed by the MCA.
At a level 5 cm proximal to the upper margin of flexor retinaculum there was a transversely placed communicating artery of 1 cm length joining SUA & radial artery (Figure 2).

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