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noun bureau, cabinet, commission, consistory, consultative body, council, court, curia, directorate, directorship, governing body, judicatory, management, presidium, tribunal
Associated concepts: advisory boards, board of aldermen, board of arbitrators, board of directors, board of education, board of elections, board of equalization, board of examiners, board of finance, board of health, board of medical examinnrs, board of public works, board of review, board of special inquiry, board of supervisors, board of trade, board of trustees, de facto boards, draft board, local board, maritime board, qualification board, revenue board, welfare board, zoning board
See also: agency, assembly, bench, body, bureau, chamber, commission, committee, council, enter, inhabit, lodge, management, reside

BOARD. This word is used to designate all the magistrates of a city or borough, or all the managers or directors of any institution; as, the board of aldermen; the board of directors of the Bank of North America. The majority of the board have in general the power to perform the acts of the whole board, but sometimes they are restrained by their charters, and it requires a greater number to perform certain acts.

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