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COMMUNICATION, contracts. Information; consultation; conference.
     2. In order to make a contract, it is essential there should be an agreement; a bare communication or conference will not, therefore, amount to a contract; nor can evidence of such communication be received in order to take from, contradict, or alter a written agreement. 1 Dall. 426; 4 Dall. 340; 3 Serg. & Rawle, 609. Vide Pour-parler; Wharton's Dig. Evid. R.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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There is insufficient evidence to conclude that feedback mechanisms are built into most government communication systems, and that is certainly true in the Caribbean and Latin America.
An increase from only several dozen per year in the mid-1990s to approximately 400 in 2005 alone aptly illustrates the significant rise in the number of threatening communications and COCs received by BAU-1 during the past several years.
Moreover, because templates had a specific slot for local information, communications could maintain relevance without losing their fidelity on corporate issues.
Monsanto Company / Osborn & Barr Communications
Generally, in the insurance defense arena, courts have decided that communications between a policyholder and its attorney connected with the defense of an underlying litigation are normally not privileged vis-a-vis the insured's carriers.
"In the communications media the Church finds a precious aid for spreading the Gospel and religious values, for promoting dialogue, ecumenical and inter-religious cooperation, and also for defending those solid principles which are indispensable for building a society which respects the dignity of the human person and is attentive to the common good ...
Thomas Bennett, president, Cornet Technology Communications division, Cornet Technology, Inc., said, "CTI continues to supply the U.S.
Effective communication skills have been shown to be associated with such patient outcomes as (a) medical knowledge, including recall of information, [1] (b) satisfaction, [2] which may lead to better patient compliance, [3] and (c) physiologic outcomes, including regulation of blood sugar and blood pressure.
Access to and understanding of health information and services is a reciprocal process among health professionals, communication professionals, and patients.
Engineering and mining gurus from Greater Sudbury are developing an underwater wireless communication system to transmit information to and from a submersible robot hundreds of feet under water.
An ongoing strategic communications plan will demonstrate management's credibility; it will be built upon a foundation of asking, listening, talking, and acting in response to employees' needs and issues.

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