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Wang Min, deputy head of the academy's Institute of Telecommunication Satellite, said China plans to establish a constellation of advanced communications satellites based on DFH 4 and DFH 5 platforms by 2025 and, after the plan is fulfilled, people will be able to use high-quality WiFi service anywhere and anytime, including on bullet trains and planes.
The role of the communications satellite in world communications is enormous.
Another difference: Communications satellites used to be parked in stationary orbit - 22,300 miles over the equator - like extremely tall transmission towers.
The newly branded company will display some of its latest products and solutions for the military and commercial satellite communications sectors, ranging from secure band services and connectivity solutions to telecommunications and commercial communications satellites.
Earlier, Israel has had three communications satellites sent into space, the last being the AMOS-3, launched from Kazakhstan in 2008, also on a Zenit.
Through this technology doctors can diagnose and provide medical instructions to patients at hospitals in rural areas while examining beamed images via JSAT's communications satellite.
The field trial in Kenya by Bharti Airtel and SoftBank Mobile proved technologies and ways for offering communication services by means of a communications satellite in rural areas at a low cost.
Ali Atia, head of Orbital's communications satellite division, said, "We are pleased to be partnering with Alcatel Alenia Space on the AMC-21 program and to have this opportunity to introduce our STAR-2 satellite platform to a premier satellite operator, SES AMERICOM.
Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE:ORB) announced today that the Telkom-2 commercial communications satellite, built by the company for PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (PT Telkom) (NYSE:TLK) was successfully launched into its targeted orbit aboard an Ariane 5 rocket on Wednesday, November 16.
Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE:ORB) announced today that MEASAT Satellite Systems (MSE: MEASAT) of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has signed a contract to purchase one geosynchronous (GEO) communications satellite from the company.
Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE:ORB) announced today that the Galaxy 15 geosynchronous (GEO) communications satellite the company built for PanAmSat Corporation (NYSE:PA) was successfully launched aboard an Ariane rocket on Thursday, October 13, 2005.

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