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The communicative content of a text is determined by linguistic facts (facts about conventional semantic meanings and syntax) and by facts about the context in which the text was written.
During the meeting, the sides discussed issues of support to the assessment and development center to enhance public involvement in the process of reforming of the civil service, the development, and implementation of information system of human resource management and implementation of communicative strategies.
I read a statement of PMO that PM spoke 1200 times in 10 years and that's what makes him a communicative PM.
Therefore, the multidimensional nature of an interactive and a communicative classroom suits learners of different learning styles.
When considering the interface of methodological selection, especial emphasis should be placed on the arrival of the communicative movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which highlighted both communicative language teaching methods and language testing.
This view is shared by Lucantoni (2002:12) who observes that "Many teachers claim to follow a communicative approach, but fail to fully understand what is involved.
NCRC 2017 Chairperson Professor Elena Pernia, UP Diliman College of Masscom Dean, outlined that the conference focused on researches of scholars of communication and media that define the Filipino communicative experience, particularly on studies that look into how communication and media shaped-up individuals and cultural realities.
Even in one recent collection that examines communicative labor (Maxwell, 2016), audience labor remains at the margins.
In the Saxton and Waters (2014) study, the most common communicative function used was information-sharing.
This paper explores the potential of Jurgen Habermas's theory of communicative action to serve as an integrative East-West paradigm for communication research on the subject of modernization.
This guide details the use of functional communication training for problem behavior in children and adolescents with moderate and severe disabilities, teaching them socially acceptable communicative behavior as an alternative to problem behavior.

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