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At the Intel(R) Solutions Summit, our Media Center Communicator will be bundled on every Intel(R) Viiv(TM) technology-based entertainment system that these Premier Providers will use at the event and take back with them after the show.
The communicator can help emphasize wins, not losses, and opportunities, not just problems.
Ken Welch, executive VP and general manager of Moldflow's Design Analysis Solutions business unit, states: "The launch of Moldflow Communicator brings the goal of analyze every plastic part and mold design closer to reality.
Job-hopping may be a thing of the past, and both the organization and the communicator will be the better for it.
Age and education of the average communicator also has remained fairly consistent.
One Voice's Media Center Communicator is a complete in-home multimedia communications package for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 - enabling users to speak, using voice recognition, to play and view all their digital content from MP3 music, digital photos, slideshows, videos, live TV and much more
In many top brass' MBA-embossed minds, their communicator is an exception that doesn't necessarily disprove the rule -- the rule being deep-seated skepticism of the virtue of communication per se.
By calculating the Cost of Confusion, the reincarnated business communicator has something tangible to offer - the ability to cut costs and to help deliver significant return on investment.
Fringe Facts Communicator is used by thousands of clients to create a summary statement of employee benefits, including tables and graphs that enhance statement readability.
Forces acting on communicators are those that shape the lives of professionals everywhere.
The overwhelming importance is recognition of the senior communicator within the organization as a person of influence and counsel.