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The voice command activated InterActive Communicator system includes three processors.
Focusing on individuals' communicator styles in persuasive situations is important because the way a person communicates functions as a message about what he or she communicates, that is, how the content of his or her messages is to be interpreted, filtered, or understood by the other person in a communication transaction.
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As Bickford said, "As a professional communicator, am I part of the problem, or can I be part of the solution?
The first of these products is the Vector 300 dual-mode communicator from Prolificx of New Zealand, which combines the Stellar DS100 with a GSM modem, GPS receiver and powerful Windows CE application processor in a rugged, compact enclosure.
Is the communicator expected to be a politician, an economist, a sociologist and a technologist?
As business communicators, you can bring community voices to the corporation and decide .
One Voice's Media Center Communicator is a complete in-home multimedia communications package for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 -- enabling users to speak, using voice recognition, to play and view all their digital content from iTunes/MP3 music, digital photos, slideshows, videos, live TV and much more
Communicators need to counsel executives on how to do it--how to verbalize the messages that reflect the company's real objectives, how to pick the right channel and media to communicate, how to present themselves so that people will listen, how to anticipate the outcomes of communication and how to gather feedback.
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Each attendee at the Experience Intel Viiv Zone session used our product and the feedback was that Media Center Communicator performed well beyond their expectations, even with heavy accents, no voice training and during noisy training sessions.