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Recognized as one of the nation's leading experts on employee communication, Crescenzo will offer business communicators critical information about taking real-world writing tactics and applying them to the corporate or organizational world.
According to Karen Horn, companies are moving toward using strategic communicators internally while outsourcing more specialized, tactical work.
In Kaptein's view, how managers and communicators resolve such dilemmas determines their personal integrity, as well as that of the organization.
The DS series of satellite subscriber communicators are the result of a joint engineering and manufacturing effort between Stellar and Delphi Electronics and Safety, which continues to produce reliable and cost effective products for the ORBCOMM market.
A few weeks before the conference, IABC Chair Warren Bickford, ABC, shared his personal top 10 list of concerns at the IABC Cafe, Bickford's blog and a lively "gathering place for professional communicators.
The poll asked more than 300 communicators to choose one response to the question, "Who should respond to angry external bloggers - media relations or customer service?
But it was not so long ago that communicators mainly wore shades of corporate blue and gray, in their roles as the self-effacing press contact or the industrial editor.
The survey, which ran mid-March to mid-April, asked more than 300 communicators in Dallas the question, "How do you use podcasting?
Communicators acknowledged that it's their professional and personal responsibility to lead the way in ensuring that the story is accurate and reflects ethical business practices.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Pegge Bogle, of Houston-based Pierpont Communications, has earned the Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) designation by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).
Communicators need to counsel executives on how to do it--how to verbalize the messages that reflect the company's real objectives, how to pick the right channel and media to communicate, how to present themselves so that people will listen, how to anticipate the outcomes of communication and how to gather feedback.