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One thing that hasn't changed (and never will) is the Communicator's partnership with the Regiment.
Most cooperative communicators enjoy the work they do because they like the nature of the work and because of their strong belief that cooperatives are a better way of doing business--for their members, employees and communities.
IABC Canada has honored only 43 people with the Master Communicator designation since it was established in 1980.
A "public health communicator" is defined as someone whose primary responsibility is the development and dissemination of public information intended to reduce the burden of disease and injury throughout the general population or to targeted subsets.
There are simple button communicators that can be used for one, two, three or even more messages.
In addition, nurses would have access to patient prescription cards and files via the Communicator.
The new product family includes three software products - F-Secure FileCrypto, F-Secure SSH and F-Secure Anti-Virus for Nokia 9200 Communicator Series - that are designed to ensure that information in the handhelds remains protected.
The survey examined only the views of technical communicators, so to provide the perspectives of developers and users, additional case study research was carried out during 1997-98.
Somehow he touched that place in my soul from where I draw my meaning, and sense of mission, as a communicator.
Thus, the purpose of this study is to examine physician executives' choices of communicator styles or the way they communicate when attempting to persuade superiors whose own styles of communication with them are either attractive (i.e, attentive, friendly, and relaxed) or unattractive (i.e., not attentive, not friendly, and not relaxed).
Emerson Automation Solutions introduces the AMS Trex Device Communicator, a handheld communicator delivering an intuitive consumer-quality user experience and a brilliant modern display in a tool built to withstand harsh industrial environments.
Panelists agreed that there is a growing need for strategic communicators. According to Karen Horn, companies are moving toward using strategic communicators internally while outsourcing more specialized, tactical work.