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Communicatory range, or linear distance from the source where sound can be used for communication, is influenced by sound level of source, background noise at receiver, rate of attenuation with distance, and sensitivity of receiver (Waser and Waser, 1977).
Cultural transmission in the tool and communicatory signaling of chimpanzees," in S.
They could also add that story telling is probably one of the oldest communicatory arts.
Second-person fiction particularly lends itself to such rigorous and radical deconstructions and therefore helps to question the narratological necessity or primariness of categories like story and discourse, the narrator figure, the system of interlocking narrative and communicatory levels, and the basic (realistic) presupposition that enunciators and characters exist (physically) on some level of the fictional world.
Cultural transmission in the tool use and communicatory signalling of chimpanzees?
Gross economic inequity in close social proximity poses complex relational, communicatory, strategic, and ethical challenges for missionaries.
Due to the fact that Eupalaestrus weijenberghi and Acanthoscurria suina inhabit the same habitat and microhabitat, it was expected that they would use the same communicatory channel.