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The company deployed Day Software's Communique, the first native JSR 170-compliant enterprise content management (ECM) solution available, for its worldwide intra/extranet, ultimately reaching 1.
The communique, a copy of which was received by TAP news agency, points out that the HRW delegation got acquainted with the prisoners' detention conditions and the damage caused, in the Borj Erroumi prison, by the last events.
This large and educated installed base provides a formidable opportunity for value-added wireless Internet services, such as I'm InTouch," said Andrew Cheung, President and CEO, 01 Communique.
The committee, acting on a proposal from the government, also approved a resolution dealing with the setting of an import tax base according to the list of taxable goods groups and the framing of tax rates for each item, the communique said.
Day's industry leading Global Content Management suite, Communique 4, ships with and runs natively on Day's innovative Java content repository, Content Repository Extreme (CRX).
The communique affirmed that the two countries agreed to solve differences and the pending issues by peaceful means whatever be the sensitivity of these issues .
The communique said this decision reflects the degree of responsibility of the aircrews and their keenness to preserve the interests of their company and its customers.
When 01 Communique was looking to target a large mobile audience for their I'm InTouch service, they turned to AvantGo because of our strong subscriber base and ability to target specific audiences," said Neil Versen, senior director of AvantGo, a service of iAnywhere.
Members of the Inter-Anglican Commission on Mission and Evangelism recently issued a communique stating their commitment to "living together in mission despite serious disagreements over the issue of same-sex blessings and the ordination of the first gay bishop in the United States.
Successful launch of Company's latest versions of Communique and Content Repository Extreme - CRX
Un agent de l'APC de Sidi Bel-Abbes a ete apprehende, jeudi dernier, en flagrant delit de corruption a indique un communique de lasuretede la wilaya.