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The details were expected to be given in the communique.
A recently published communique is in line with the new consumer law, which covers giveaway promotions being done by newspapers and magazines.
Sunni MPs suggested issuing the communique during the weekly session on Tuesday, saying they wanted to show solidarity with the Saudis as they defended their territories.
However, Al Wefaq, the largest parliamentary bloc, said the communique would be interference in the domestic affairs of other countries and as such it did not want to be part of it.
Sino communiques and should instead take the Taiwan Relations Act as a basis (for relations with Taiwan) and at the same time reconsider and strengthen (ties with us),'' Lu said in a meeting with Japanese cross-strait experts.
Bush avoided any mention of the three joint communiques, but stressed Washington's commitment to the Taiwan Relations Act.
When you hear of killings and throat-slittings in a town or a village, you should know it is a matter of the death of government partisans, or else it is the application of GIA communiques ordering [us] to do good and combat evil.
In 1995, communiques were sent to foreign embassies in Algiers, stating that, "All contact with our country should be broken by January 7 and the embassy should be cleared.
It is within this context that Nassar and Heacock's assertion that the UNLU Communiques, "were transformed into a sort of biweekly [bi-monthly] legislative-executive-judicial document with the force of a constitution,"(2) takes on meaning.
In what sense then, have the communiques released by the UNLU been able to serve as a de facto Constitution for a people in the process of nation-building, a process which lay at the heart of the Intifada?
These communiques and leaflets, issued by the UNLU, are generally regarded as authoritative by the Palestinian people and the directives contained therein are treated as law.