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Data source: A randomized trial of 170 people with a serious mental disorder and at least one comorbid condition treated at a community mental health center.
The turkeys will be delivered to the homes of several Community Mental Health Center clients, while others will be used in larger Thanksgiving parties.
The current collaborative effort depends on the sheriff's office admissions list, which is distributed daily by e-mail to all the community mental health centers in Davidson County.
A collaborative program with a community mental health center modeled after a community gatekeeper program in Spokane, Washington, community gatekeepers (e.
Until the Spring of 2001, students in the school counselor preparation program completed their individual practicum experience at a campus-based community mental health center serving individuals and families in the area.
The youth in the program are referred by various agencies and individuals in the community, including the schools, the police department, probation department, and the local community mental health center.
Francisco Cisneros, the executive director of the Pilsen-Little Village Community Mental Health Center, points out that the war on terrorism derailed attempts to win amnesty and legal resident status for undocumented Mexican workers.
Pasternack served as CEO of Casa de Corazon, a children's comprehensive community mental health center, from 1994 to 1998.
Police often must decide whether to arrest, seek out a community mental health center during its hours of operation, or find a hospital emergency room.
Davis, president of the board of a community mental health center in Columbus, Ohio.
conducted extensive interviews with 1,000 people shortly after their admission to either a state mental hospital, university-based psychiatric facility, or community mental health center.
At any given time, about 5 percent of Arkansas' population struggles with mental illness that is too serious to allow them to manage their own care, according to Tom Grunden, executive director of the Little Rock Community Mental Health Center.

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