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It was clinicians from the community mental health centers who began questioning many of the diagnoses and the prescribed medications.
Of all the reasons why community mental health centers have failed people with serious mental illness, the most damning is that they have given preferential treatment to people with minor coping problems--the so-called worried well.
Those who are uninsured can't be turned away by hospitals and publicly funded community mental health centers, but their treatment options are limited and they drain resources away from even the paying patients.
At the same time, the NH Community Behavioral Health Association (CBHA), the organization that represents New Hampshire's 10 community mental health centers, was advocating for workforce funding in the budget, but our request was upstaged by the bed shortage and hospital ER situation.
That development, together with the fact that Genoa now has pharmacies in just a fraction of the nation's community mental health centers and federally qualified health centers, gives the company ample scope for expansion for years to come.
Community mental health centers are coping with huge slashes in Medicaid funding, in part due to recent state budget cuts and a new managed care system.
Community mental health centers across the state are struggling to fill vacant positions, Couture said.
Huling, San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center.
Participants in the study were 87 clients (ages 11-17) and their parents who had completed therapy at a community mental health center for children in northeastern Ohio.
Recently, the NH Community Behavioral Health Association presented to the governor's commission provided eight months of staffing data collected from its nine community mental health center members.
In response to your May editorial "Frustration," I want to share how our community mental health center would have responded if your friend and "George" lived in our area.
In 1996, Titizian agreed to let the San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center locate a fledgling program called Cornerstone e when other landlords were reluctant to rent to such a program, according to clinic officials.

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