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Reference materials from WHO, BCCL, and Beijing Controls and Standards Biotechnology (BCSB) and quality control materials from Bio-Rad (Hercules, California) were used in the commutability study so as to screen for appropriate reference materials for EQAS.
the collocate, which is constrained in its commutability and/or combinability by the noun given.
The era of simulation,' the era of postmodernism, in other words, is henceforth open everywhere through the commutability of terms once contradictory or dialectically opposed," Douglas Kellner has pronounced; "the same `genesis of simulacra' is apparent everywhere: commutability of the beautiful and the ugly in fashion, of the Left and the Right in politics, of the true and the false in every message from the media, of the useful and the useless in objects, of nature and culture at every level of signification" (Kellner, Baudrillard 64).
Instead, the procedure produces a dangerous supplementation, which can be read as the dark side of surplus value, constructed by capitalism as a seemingly occult disturbance in its own logic; that is, in the neutralizability or commutability of bodies, commodities and texts in the cash nexus.
That is why any noun can be made into a verb, and any verb can be nominalized: this commutability is an expression of what logical analysis reveals to be their common character as represigns.
Commutability means that PT specimens behave like patient samples when tested on different systems.
Researchers concluded that, though transport improvements have been delivered to Birmingham those developments have been regionally focused while city-based projects to improve commutability had not been delivered.
One in six - 17% - cited commutability as a key factor in choosing a location.
A burgeoning population, reasonable rental rates and the commutability to major markets in New York City and Philadelphia have made Somerset, Morris, Warren and Hunterdon Counties a popular business environment for private owners, minimal space users, special project users and remote corporate locations.