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We have studied some desirable properties of the IFNIFCOA and IFNIFCOG operators, such as commutativity, idempotency and monotonicity, and applied the IFNIFCOA and IFNIFCOGM operators to multiple attribute decision making with fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy information.
Rehman, On derivations and commutativity in prime rings, East-West J.
The next result characterizes FC heaps, namely the heaps representing the commutativity classes of FC elements.
Radjavi, Linear maps preserving commutativity, Linear Algebra Appl.
In the classical notion of a join space commutativity of the corresponding binary hyperoperation is assumed.
The commutativity of addition is crucial and the situation is more complicated for non-abelian groups.
Illustrate general principles and properties of operations, such as commutativity, using specific numbers.
One student of mine thought that by the same logic we ought to include commutativity as a group axiom; however the examples of permutation groups and matrices ought to convince most students that nonabelian groups are also of interest.
He suggests that the principles of edification (personal enlightment) and commutativity (mutual change) are central to the book's discussion of information design.
To provide rigorous mathematical frameworks in using the two-dimensional map, we present four kinematic properties of the map: volume conservation (P1), orientation preservation (P2), symmetry (P3), and commutativity (P4).
Interpolation does not run into the commutativity problem, which is another argument for the PB approach.
Q] which is unique modulo associativity and commutativity of "[conjunction]" and "[disjunction]".