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Tire fiber is compacted into a continuous mat and stuffed into an endless tube of PS film for disposal.
This produces a compacted cylinder, which is fed between a pair of slightly conical discs, one fixed, the other turning at 300 to 400 rpm.
A companion paper (3) described pressureless sintering of polycarbonate powder compacted at room temperature and presented data that suggest that recovery is driven by entropic factors.
From a review of the literature (1) and results presented in a previous paper (3), it was apparent that pressureless sintering of room temperature compacted polymers just above the [T.sub.g] of amorphous polymers or melting temperature of semi-crystalline polymers was not feasible.
David Easton, the principal designer at Rammed Earth Works in Napa, California, has created a relatively low-end, 1,241 square-foot home of "rammed" earth - massive walls of compacted soil - for $80,000 ($64 per square foot).
Tests such as moisture, compactibility, green compression, permeability, green tensile and splitting strength are important to determine if the sand leaving the sand system is consistent in these properties, and to indicate whether a good mold can be made from this sand if it is compacted correctly.
A sand exhibiting acceptable properties tested under lab conditions will, if poorly or nonuniformly compacted due to process variables, produce poor molds and cause scrap.