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An agreement, treaty, or contract.

The term compact is most often applied to agreements among states or between nations on matters in which they have a common concern.

The Constitution contains the Compact Clause, which prohibits one state from entering into a compact with another state without the consent of Congress.

COMPACT, contracts. In its more general sense, it signifies an agreement. In its strict sense, it imports a contract between parties, which creates obligations and rights capable of being enforced, and contemplated as such between the parties, in their distinct and independent characters. Story, Const. B. 3, c. 3; Rutherf. Inst. B. 2, c. 6, Sec. 1. 2. The constitution of the United States declares that "no state shall, without the consent of congress, enter into agreement or compact with another state, or with a foreign power." See 11 Pet: 1; 8 Wheat. 1 Bald. R. 60; 11 Pet. 185.

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