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in employment law, a person who accompanies a worker at a disciplinary or grievance hearing. The employer is under a duty to permit such a companion - chosen by the worker - to appear. The employer must permit the worker's companion to address the hearing in order to put the worker's case, sum up that case, respond on the worker's behalf to any view expressed at the hearing and confer with the worker during the hearing.
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COMPANION, dom. rel. By 5 Edw. III., st. 5, c. 2, Sec. 1, it is declared to be high treason in any one who "doth compass or imagine the death of our lord the king, or our lady his companion," &c. See 2 Inst. 8, 9; 1 H. H. P. C. 124.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Companions, the creator seeketh, and fellow-reapers: for everything is ripe for the harvest with him.
``the Saracen head of your right reverend companion has frightened out of mine the way home I am not sure I shall get there to-night myself.''
" Powell explained that she was in the companion all the time.
Children," he added, when nigh enough to address his companions, "we are not alone in these dreary fields; there are others stirring, and, therefore, to the shame of our kind, be it said, danger is nigh."
The vengeance Mademoiselle Roguin and her companions were inflicting on Mademoiselle Thirion and her group had, therefore, the fatal effect of driving the young ULTRAS to search for the cause of the silence so obstinately maintained by Ginevra di Piombo.
"You pass him?" interrupted Charlotte, amused with her companion's humour.
My companion slept through it all, or at least appeared so to do; and now that it was over I had not the heart to awaken him.
Dunster continued, turning to his companion, " to leave me at Ipswich and join the mail."
Throwing his leg over the saddle, he dismounted, with a determination to advance and seize his treacherous companion, trusting the result to his own manhood.
His companions seemed ever to play intolerable parts.
Now it required no very blameable degree of suspicion to imagine that Mr Jones and his ragged companion had certain purposes in their intention, which, though tolerated in some Christian countries, connived at in others, and practised in all, are however as expressly forbidden as murder, or any other horrid vice, by that religion which is universally believed in those countries.
An hour ago they had seemed dangerous companions for so lofty a mood; but now, under the gentle influences of dinner, the mood had not indeed changed--but mellowed.

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