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His unexpected accession to title and fortune had removed all his difficulties; and never had the general loved his daughter so well in all her hours of companionship, utility, and patient endurance as when he first hailed her "Your Ladyship
In one cell, where a little light penetrated, a man had lived twenty-seven years without seeing the face of a human being--lived in filth and wretchedness, with no companionship but his own thoughts, and they were sorrowful enough and hopeless enough, no doubt.
Do you not yearn sometimes for the light of the streets in Paris or London, the companionship of your friends, and equals,
He watched jealously Rose's companionship with others; and though he knew it was unreasonable could not help sometimes saying bitter things to him.
Before he left the next morning, while taking a pleasant walk with Miss Brooke along the gravelled terrace, he had mentioned to her that he felt the disadvantage of loneliness, the need of that cheerful companionship with which the presence of youth can lighten or vary the serious toils of maturity.
To him every natural object seemed to possess something of moral or spiritual life, to be really capable of a companionship with man, full of fine intimacies.
Ozma was happy to have Dorothy beside her, for girls of her own age with whom it was proper for the Princess to associate were very few, and often the youthful Ruler of Oz was lonely for lack of companionship.
Three feet of chain linked us together in a forced companionship which I, at least, soon rejoiced in.
As Tarzan made his lonely way through the jungle paralleling the shore, he felt strong upon him a desire for companionship, so that gradually he commenced to regret that he had not cast his lot with the apes.
They merely accompany us on the road for companionship.
Paul adored her, and the companionship between them was beautiful to see.
A strong and self-reliant man, he had all his life ignored companionship, had been well content to live without friends, self-contained and self-sufficient.