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5 percent, or $371, on a comparably equipped basis.
Product line manager Sean Roche told me, "It'll be comparably priced too, at $5,400 [MSRP].
It also is comparably less manufacturing-intensive than eastern Canadian cities, while facing geographic constraints and a shortage of available sites for industrial development.
a global leader in optimized application access, security and delivery, today announced the immediate availability of its next-generation APV Series application delivery controllers that offers 50-300% better performance than similarly configured and comparably priced alternatives from its closest competitor.
For Lexus cars and sport utility vehicles, the overall price increase on a comparably equipped basis is 1.
The Canadian strength is characterized by a three competitor market, comparably low market penetration, stable tariff pricing and relatively low minute usage among subscribers.
Mirror neurons, first reported in 1996, respond comparably whether an individual performs a particular action or watches someone else carry it out (SN: 5/24/03, p.
5 percent pay raise to $142,913 a year, bringing his salary closer to those of administrators of comparably sized cities, the mayor said Thursday.
The TELINDY also achieves reduced CoO with a larger, 125-wafer load size and a comparably small footprint.
For instance, chemical analyses of soil from rectangular pits at Zhongba and of river water at the site yielded comparably high concentrations of calcium and magnesium.
Nurses also said comparably low salaries make it difficult to find and keep good nurses.
GM Value Selling emphasizes a simpler, more straightforward shopping experience for consumers that permits them to easily judge value for themselves; premium, GM Value-Priced products that have all of the features consumers say they need included for one low sticker price that is less than for comparably equipped competitive vehicles; and 2 strong commitment to owners of GM products after the sale.