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Hornerus E [beta] [rho] [alpha] i [zeta] wv sive comparatio Homeri cum scriptoribus sacris quoad normam loquendi.
Parfois, ces repliques constituent de veritables discours, semblables a ceux auxquels les eleves s'exercaient dans les ecoles de rhetorique : fabula, comparatio, descriptio, suasoria, controuersia, autant d'exercices preliminaires (progymnasmata) mis en situation au milieu de l'action romanesque.
BREUER, Rolf, 'Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape, Peter Ustinov's Photo Finish and Peter Handke's Bis dass der Tag euch scheidet', in Comparatio, 2, pp.
10) Sacrorum Parallelorum libri tres: id est, Comparatio locorum
The second might be also ('an august name'), but as Caesar's name was never 'august', either in fact or in Ovid's writing, 'the name Augustus' with its shock comparatio effect, has the greater impact.
74) It may help to note that Thomas employs a very similar expression, "ipsa forma subsistens," to describe an angel: "Subtracta ergo materia, et posito quod ipsa forma subsistat non in materia, adhuc remanet comparatio formae ad ipsum esse ut potentiae ad actum.
Ancient versus modern ways of making comparison; comparatio in Vergil's Aeneid.
Valla's Comparatio is lost, but his notes in his working copy of Quintilian, MS Lat.
12) The conceit in these examples, the first two lines of Shakespeare's sonnet 18, is precisely to scramble the two rhetorical modes of comparison so that comparatio is turned on similitudo, converting the similarity grounding the metaphorical equivalence between the beloved and a summer day into the common denominator underlying a measurement by comparison.
The who Comparatio Health GmbH connected, participating hospitals are jointly an award procedure for a framework agreement in the field of copy paper by.
As Sidney learned from Johann Sturm (1507-89), his one-time teacher at the Strasbourg academy and subsequently his lifelong friend, the always cosmopolitan goal of imitation (the comparatio of great literary models) is to eliminate what this republic of letters universally regarded as the most tyrannical of vices, the sin of self-love: "Imitatia ingenium ultra naturae ducit terminos: ut se amare desinat: & meliores admirari incipiat.
George of Trebizond, an enthusiastic supporter of Aristotle, produced an attack on Plato in 1458--the famous Comparatio philosophorum Platonis et Aristotelis.