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The level of the morphological details that are preserved in the samples, coupled with the ease of implementation and economic benefits, makes it an adequate alternative to be implemented for the conservation of small-size materials with educational purposes in Comparative Anatomy courses.
Comparative anatomy of vegetative organs of the Pteridophytes.
Fossils 12% Comparative anatomy 12% DNA (biochemistry) 8% Contemporary examples * 6% * e.g., bacterial/viral evolution Table 2.
Intended as a text for either an upper division or graduate level comparative anatomy class, the book uses detailed illustrations of primate skeletal anatomy to describe the phylogeny and adaptations for different locomotions, diets, and environments of selected species of primates.
Additional information about embryology, cytology, comparative anatomy, and physiology augment understanding of the human nervous system.
This aim may be extended to comparative anatomy studies that would be useful to contrast based on recent findings on the analysis of the distal ulna of the Australopithecus afarensis and Australopithecus africanus.
In terms of comparative anatomy, these data serve to indicate you specific differences in the dog with regard to other carnivore species (Schaller, 1996).
At our universities, general and comparative anatomy is studied during the first two years and an additional independent course of applied anatomy is studied in the fourth year.

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