comparative size

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Additional resource pages are titled Planet Picnic, with a comparative size table for the planets with edible stand-ins, and a vocabulary list of Words to Know.
The appointment follows Smith Cooper's relocation to premises in Edmund Street, which provides the firm with the capacity to grow the office to a comparative size of its Derby and Nottingham outlets that employ 120 people.
Neither the comparative size of relative differences in the favorable outcome nor the comparative size of relative differences in the adverse outcome, however, provides a basis for believing that the forces causing the differences in outcome rates are any stronger within one income category than the other.
oHowever, very small aperture terminals (VSAT) will not be included in this research due to their comparative size and expense.
No city in Arkansas of comparative size had yet installed an AMI.
But a study by Durham University into the comparative size of the frontal lobes has uncovered they are not disproportionately enlarged compared to other areas of the brain.
Research into the comparative size of the frontal lobes in humans and other species has determined that they are not -- as previously thought -- disproportionately enlarged relative to other areas of the brain, according to the most accurate and conclusive study of this area of the brain.
It was also noted that the Welsh Government would be asked to provide "significant funding" for the new university, as Glamorgan and Newport had issues in terms of comparative size and capacity.
2 million, couldn't Latvia simply end up like Cyprus, a eurozone member buckling under the weight of debt and of comparative size to Latvia's economy?
The comparative size of the posterior adductor scar (CSPAS) was also calculated as follows (Yu et al.
Because of our comparative size we can offer a wider range of competitive finance products, including low-cost flexible loans, as well as free insurance on savings and loans, annual dividends paid from any profit we make and online services that would not currently be available to transferring members.
I think the Church's record is better than that of any other institution of comparative size.

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