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Based on previous norms research, it is hypothesized that gender and social comparativeness will predict self-other sexual norm discrepancies (Hypothesis 2), and that these norm gaps then predict satisfaction with one's sex life and sexual anxiety (Hypothesis 3).
There is," he concludes, "an irreducible element of comparativeness in the concept of `justice.
Such a specialized role for metaphor in communication was also perpetuated by rhetorical study that focused primarily on the comparativeness implicit in the nature of metaphor, reinterpreted later as the comparison theory, which "takes every metaphor to be a condensed or elliptic simile" (Black 1962: 35-36).
He warned in 1956 that social intervention could seldom be legitimated in terms of such divisive comparativeness even if it were a common phenomenon: "At any rate, there would be too much doubt and disagreement to justify an egalitarian policy simply on grounds of personal resentments" (1956, p.
How then is it possible to lay the foundations of comparativeness in such (bad) conditions?

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