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Based on previous norms research, it is hypothesized that gender and social comparativeness will predict self-other sexual norm discrepancies (Hypothesis 2), and that these norm gaps then predict satisfaction with one's sex life and sexual anxiety (Hypothesis 3).
These were socio-demographics, sexual communication, and social comparativeness.
Social Comparativeness. Participants also answered questions from the Social Comparison Scale (Gibbons & Buunk, 1999) in order to determine if general social comparativeness has a relationship to self-other norm discrepancies.
Social Comparativeness. Self-reported ratings for social-comparativeness were above the mid-point for men and women.
Multiple linear regression using the standard method was run to test Hypothesis 2 (gender and social comparativeness will predict self-other sexual norm discrepancies) and Hypothesis 3 (self-other sexual norm discrepancies predict sex life satisfaction and sexual anxiety).
Age, gender, political views, sexual activity status, frequency of communication about sex, sexual behavior, and social comparativeness were included as predictors, with self/same-sex norm gap as the dependent variable.
Moreover, although Novak and Crawford (2001) found that social comparativeness was related to higher norm perceptions for drinking, it had no relationship with sexual norm perceptions.
How then is it possible to lay the foundations of comparativeness in such (bad) conditions?
Because management believes each of these items can distort the trends associated with the Company's ongoing performance as an airline, the Company believes that evaluation of its financial performance can be enhanced by a supplemental presentation of results that exclude the impact of these items in order to enhance consistency and comparativeness with results in prior periods that do not include such items and as a basis for evaluating operating results in future periods.

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