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check] strategy of " cost leadership " has a meaningful effect on comparativeness in Tose'h Asre Shomal bank.
Novak and Crawford, (2001) found that students with high social comparativeness were more likely to engage in risky behaviors than their less comparative peers.
Based on previous norms research, it is hypothesized that gender and social comparativeness will predict self-other sexual norm discrepancies (Hypothesis 2), and that these norm gaps then predict satisfaction with one's sex life and sexual anxiety (Hypothesis 3).
These were socio-demographics, sexual communication, and social comparativeness.
When you look at the comparativeness map of Abu Dhabi and how you can better position Abu Dhabi on the global map, it is all about investing in talent--that, quite simply, is our future prosperity--and investing in technology, because that's how you differentiate yourself from others in the region.
Measurability, comparativeness and performance management approaches require a Tayloristic simplification of what are often complex and contextually sensitive issues.
Further on in the paper I explore elements from my work, Heisting beauty (2007), to introduce a comparativeness between my work and Cohen's so as to indicate why the use of the term pariah (5)--associated with the marginalised and of rejection--is useful as an enabling term when reading both my work and Cohen's.
In short, data from outside sources should be validated for true comparativeness with internal data and measurements, according to Young.
There is," he concludes, "an irreducible element of comparativeness in the concept of `justice.
Dreyer's final presentation, "Developing Good Practice Guidance for Non-Randomized Studies of Comparativeness Effectiveness: A Workshop on Quality and Transparency", will take place at 4:00 P.
6 Analysis of Substitute Comparativeness in Fruit Juice Industry in China
For comparativeness, prior periods have been revised to be consistent for all reporting periods.

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