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It compares and synchronizes all elements of the database, including tables, views, stored procedures, permissions, user-defined functions, triggers, users, roles, rules, defaults and user-defined types.
2 million First Quarter 2002 net income also compares favorably with the Fourth Quarter of 2001 net income of $5.
Elanex noted that questions have been asked as to how NESP compares to Epoetin Omega in serum concentration, potency, and circulation time.
This compares to net earnings applicable to common shares for the third quarter of last year of $90.
the neutral impact of its contribution to DLFC's consolidated net earnings in the third quarter of 1995 compares favourably with the $69.
This compares with a similar expense of $720,000 in the first nine months of 1994.
Wednesday announced a third quarter loss of $(2,704,000) or (58 cents) per share, which compares to the restated earnings of $183,000 or 4 cents per share for the like period last year.