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degrees] varus) of the tibial component in the coronal plane did not obviously affect the lateral compartmental stress and load distribution in neutral alignment.
46 patients have been included in this study of anterior compartmental pressure measurements.
To assess the predictive ability of the compartmental model, a single-compartment model was constructed using the same covariates, and the predictive performance of the two-compartment and single-compartment models was compared.
Distribution half life according to two compartmental model was 0.
A compartmental analysis of the kinetics of iron uptake by two Antarctic diatoms.
What makes the park special - and why the grant was given so readily - is that it's the finest example of a compartmental medieval deer park.
Subsets of knee OA are associated with different risk factors and outcomes, and can be defined by compartmental involvement, bone response, the global pattern of OA, crystal presence, and the degree of inflammation.
World society of Abdominal compartmental syndrome http://www.
Omitted are areas such as the immune system, axonal transport, pharmacokinetics, compartmental modeling, wound healing and tumor modeling.
The fact that Tarpinian scored was no surprise, but being able to play her favorite sport is, considering that she was diagnosed this summer with compartmental syndrome, putting her final year of high school soccer in jeopardy.
To get a further insight in pharmacokinetics of dodeca-2E, 4E, 8Z, 10E/Z-tetraenoic isobutylamides a compartmental population pharmacokinetic model was developed applying mixed effect modelling procedure.
In my seminars, I show how men tend to think in a linear and compartmental fashion, separating cognitive events as if each area of their life was like opening and closing a file-drawer.

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