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Then it goes to the T20 with different players involved again so you need to compartmentalise that and Eoin Morgan is in the squad, so of course there is a chance.
Strauss said: "It's important to compartmentalise each form of the game and pick the best side to play in any given series.
That night as David splashed around in the bath and his new plastic toy figures were swept around by mini tidal waves, I realised that perhaps I was one of life's natural librarians with a desperate need to compartmentalise everything.
They said his first wife spoke of violence before, during and after the marriage and it was artificial to compartmentalise her evidence.
It's important to compartmentalise this, but in this one-day compartment no one likes to be losing six games in a row.
He writes: "The news spread like a raging bull, bringing with it growing press intrusion, but I am lucky enough to be the kind of person who can compartmentalise things.
Men often do this thing where they compartmentalise sex from love.
A data expert interviewed on BBC radio said the secret of data protection was to compartmentalise.
A data expert said the secret of data protection was to compartmentalise .
APEOPLE have such busy lives and many tend to compartmentalise their activities - but as you are finding, friends get boxed in too.