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Compartmentalize is the word we all started using when President Clinton pressed on during the Lewinsky scandal, meaning he focused on his job and seemed to block out the rest.
One of the original premises of Mental Health Awareness Month was to focus on ways people could deal with and compartmentalize stress so that it works for them.
They compartmentalize relations because they don't have the luxury of creating existential enemies out of strong neighbors.
To test how early cell-like structures could have formed and acted to compartmentalize RNA molecules even in the absence of lipid-like molecules that make up modern cellular membranes, Strulson and Molden generated simple, non-living model "cells" in the laboratory.
I do it to wipe my mind, one of the biggest challenges of the job is to compartmentalize everything," Brodwin said.
It's funny how we compartmentalize experiences to get through them.