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In short, Turkey's balancing act with Iran and its ability to compartmentalize is likely to serve not only Turkish and Iranian economic interests, but also larger regional and European energy needs as well.
But I cannot view Jamal in increments and pieces of who he is and what his life is because he is not the sort of writer who allows us to compartmentalize, to split off from reality, to say one thing, but be another.
Flitting from one seemingly unrelated topic to the next, the pundits compartmentalize current affairs into discrete little pellets carefully encapsulated so as not to bleed into each other.
The Islamic regime rightly believed that Obama wanted a nuclear deal so much that it would compartmentalize different problems with Iran.
Seriously, we're professionals; we can compartmentalize and do our job.
One unexpected dividend of this approach is the catalogue's pedagogical use; the essays present an incisive yet thoroughly readable alternative to many available texts on Baroque art, which tend to compartmentalize the material according to genre and artistic biography.
Finally, Steinmetz describes and analyses five groups (or, more properly, since individuals move among groups, five "Ideal Types"): AIM (the American Indian Movement -- a militant group active on Pine Ridge for many years); Ecumenists I (a name invented by Steinmetz for people who compartmentalize their Christian and Traditional beliefs and practices); Ecumenists II (who hold that Christianity fulfills traditional Lakota religion); Cross Fire Native American Church (explicitly Christian in i ts forms of worship); Half Moon Native American Church (not explicitly Christian); and The Body of Christ (a fundamentalist group).