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TO COMPASS. To imagine; to contrive.
     2. In England, to compass the death of the king is high treason. Bract. 1. 3, c. 2 Britt. c. 8; Mirror, c. 1, s. 4.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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There's an equally glamorous bar - the Mariner's - right next to the Compass Rose restaurant on deck 5, and the ship also has a two-deck theatre, a lively nightclub and a substantial casino with an on-site bar.
We did not have a bad meal on board and while our dinner in the cover-charge Sirroco restaurant was good, you'd not be disappointed if you stuck to the Compass Rose for the week.
A Washington, D.C., area golf outing and auction held by the nonprofit organization Compass Rose Charities in October raised at least $25,000, a portion of which will go to the Fallen Diplomats Scholarship Fund.
Divide students into small groups to study the maps in the World Affairs atlas and to list the map features that they notice (examples: legend or key, lines of latitude and longitude, compass rose, scale of miles, topographical elements such as mountains or bodies of water)
An F-35A Lightning II flies above the compass rose of Rogers Dry Lakebed at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.
"We also have the 16-pointed compass rose and the 16-petalled Lotus flow-er, which relates to the 'throat chakra'."
In addition to a distress call, the title is also an acronym for "Secret of the State," which is spelled out on the fringe of this many-colored compass rose. There is a mandala at its center, ringed by the names of mostly obscure people who died odd deaths.
Friends and former schoolmates of Rev Dawkins at Cambridge University's Ridley Hall, Rev Catherine McBride and Rev Tina Hodgett, are travelling from the UK for the occasion, while Rev Sarah Buxton-Smith from the Compass Rose Society is making her way to Bahrain from the US.
After years of trying to crack the code, David finally discovered that a compass rose was the key to Noah's mysterious characters.
If the last check was an in-flight verification, documentation from that check should be accompanied by a copy of the most recent swing on the compass rose.
Shares in Compass rose 5% as investors welcomed signs of a turnaround.
Anyone who has seen or read the classic The Cruel Sea will remember that Jack Hawkins's first corvette was HMS Compass Rose.)