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Johnny, 51, said: "It's incredible that British people give so generously and compassionately to Children In Need to help poor children in the world - yet we have the council taking away a service provided by taxpayers for very needy children in our own area.
Our tradition commands us to respond generously and compassionately to those who are in need," said Loewenberg.
We need their experienced leadership to provide a great school to every child, to thoughtfully strengthen our communities, and to compassionately help those in need.
As she watched her video interview in court she cried compassionately for herself but then described gaining an inner strength from it.
Altaf Hussain compassionately appealed to the government not to use threatening attitude or force against those staging the "sit-in".
Altaf compassionately appealed to resolve the issue through meaningful dialogue which should be initiated again without losing time.
I want to build on that with our volunteers, staff and community partners to make sure we dedicate our resources to helping people where and when they need, as effectively and compassionately as possible.
Special thanks go to Yvonne, Rozz, Ann and their wonderful assistants who work so compassionately for the most needy in our community.
Enlightenment is the ability to clearly see what is--both light and shadow--and to act justly and compassionately regardless of the situation in which one finds oneself.
Medical group strategically located in Central Florida offering comprehensive health care that compassionately supports infants,children, adolescents, adults and elderly with their medical needs.
The vile men behind this trade in misery are not compassionately aiding refugees - but extorting as much as they can from them.
He has applied himself quietly and compassionately, only to be expected from a son of the Manse.