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They're asking me, Couldn't we just compassionately release it?
We are mindful of our obligations and will provide benefits to policyholder victims and their families swiftly and compassionately.
Jeremy Beadle must be treated sensitively and compassionately, just as everyone who helps a dying person out of their misery should be.
Hospitals and clinics should follow patients' progress, and doctors need to take time to communicate information clearly, compassionately and, most of all, to listen to their patients.
Focht emphasized, however, that Tenet will maintain its emphasis on locally directed healthcare, a cornerstone in the ability of Tenet hospitals to serve their communities professionally and compassionately.
It's always been our understanding that the job of the Los Angeles Animal Services Department was to enforce laws regulating the care, custody, control and prevention of cruelty to all animals within the city - and do it compassionately.
Meanwhile, they talk - sometimes angrily, sometimes compassionately, sometimes humorously.
The overall goal of Pallium's work is to strengthen Canadians' ability to provide interprofessional, home and community-based palliative care through education and support to healthcare professionals and family/neighbor carers so that every Canadian who requires palliative care will receive it early, effectively and compassionately.
During a visit to the area on Saturday, residents said they were pleased that Ngilu acted fast and compassionately.
He issued the following statement: DACA has compassionately allowed 9,000 young New Mexicans, who have known no other country than the United States as their home, to legally realize their dreams of continuing their education and contributing to the economy and their community.
HHHH H DRUGS, booze and sexual jealousy feature heavily in the tragic life of 1990s music superstar Whitney Houston, compassionately explored in this fascinating documentary.
David McAuley, chief executive of The Trussell Trust, said: "To stop UK hunger we must make sure the welfare system works fairly and compassionately, stopping people getting to a point where they have no money to eat.