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He blamed compassionless Republicans, "can't say 'no'" Democrats and "systematic misinformation by a media that shows little signs of appreciating the difference between journalism, commerce, entertainment and titillation.
However, the normal response is to be competitive, allow the norms of the game to govern behavior, and feel compassionless for people relegated to jail, poverty, and outcast.
The administration's ban on late-term abortion is cruel and compassionless and may also cost women's lives.
Republicans' malfeasance, ideological incoherence and compassionless corporatism, ever more glaring, go unchallenged.
I thought the Supreme Court appointed this compassionless conservative president, not king.
All three built analytic philosophies within the academic trap of compassionless determinism, where model-meisters rule.
In his address to delegates at the Opera House on 27 May this year as part of the formal proceedings of Corroboree 2000, the Prime Minister trotted out the same old tired, detached and compassionless words he has been regurgitating on this issue for at least the last three years now.
Bowles's prose is frequently characterized by a terrifying and macabre stillness that scarcely masks a cruel and compassionless universe.
At the core of Blank's seemingly compassionless screed is his honest belief that setting limits for some is the only way of providing the best health care for all.
He does, however, condemn the compassionless administrators of death -- the magistrates and politicians such as Peel.
And after the black week suffered by the present pope, whose compassionless rigorism has notoriously done more to divide than unite.