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Nobody ever mentioned her callousness or used the word compassionless when talking about her and it needed to be acknowledged.
Not one of the other candidates is against them and in fact those who are councillors at present are members of parties that also would implement the same vicious, compassionless and uncaring cuts to vital services and jobs.
Which confirms my view that for every compassionless vulture preying on the weak, there is one, and probably two or more, who not only do their duty but are ready to walk the extra mile.
He was obsessive, foul-mouthed, self-justifying, amoral and compassionless - the perfect antihero for a writer like Edwards.
Thatcher too is to blame for today's selfish, compassionless and the "Me, Me, Me" society.
Another campaigner for the Ahmadis, Paul Rowlands, said: 'It was completely compassionless, it was like a military operation.
Ideas not in lock step with the prevailing narrow-minded, compassionless policies issued from their masters in the Christian Coalition or the Heritage Foundation.
Backed by zealot MPs, Cameron can now complete his compassionless revolution.
And is it the same compassionless oaf who wants to send Samantha Crozier, the Canadian-born wife of a British soldier, back to Canada with their two Britishborn children even though her husband is preparing to defend the very country which proposes to expel her?
Ostracised from the most desirable social circles, Lily battles against the compassionless world of savage humour and cruelty which lies just beneath New York's glittering facade.