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Buildings should serve as learning tools, providing opportunities for students to learn what constitutes an environmentally viable and compatibly green structure.
But legislative proposals to increase federal timber sales are likely to renew debate between groups that would save what's left of the public forests, and organizations that maintain that logging and forest restoration can be done compatibly.
The authors propose the achievement of the automation of the HCC installation with programmable automata, which bring the following advantages: low cost of automation through the replacement of process computers by programmable logical automata, the outputs of the programmable logical automata are directly compatibly with the execution elements of the automated installation, one may dynamically change the installation parameters in accordance with the type and dimensions of the cast material, easy programming of the programmable logical automata by medium-qualified personnel in the field, the dimensions of automation are small, reduction of the energy consumption necessary to automation, obtaining quality products in the process of HCC.
The task of interpreting legislation compatibly with human rights standards can prove challenging.
However, the son also admits that his father was unable to live compatibly with his wife, whom he married when she was only sixteen and had a much less consistent character than her idealistic husband.
It did not specify the size of the stake or the timing of its purchase, saying only that it would be done "at a time yet to be defined, compatibly with market conditions".
We often fear that the value of properly vetted material will give way to mob rule online, but most new media outlets see themselves functioning compatibly and feel a responsibility toward credibility and ethics.
During a 12-month, off-site tour at the Naval Sea Systems Command's Naval EOD Technology Division last year, Nguyen served as the technical lead for a multi-service effort to enable EOD robots in theater to compatibly operate with Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) Electronic Warfare (CREW) jammers.
In clear prose, illustrated on almost every page, he explains how to build a home, provide power, water and sanitation, plant a garden and live compatibly with the environment.
Certainly, The Dikler can envisage the two men working together most compatibly.
Measures that the state may take to protect prenatal interests compatibly with women's constitutional and human rights include measures to prevent recurrent miscarriage of wanted pregnancies, the improvement of prenatal and emergency obstetric care, and efforts to prevent child marriage in order that women are sufficiently mature to be capable of safely bearing children.
Introducing the family to a compatibly selected roommate, for example, will provide solace that their loved one will have appropriate companionship.