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Governments considering the use of punitive powers will need to read and reread this decision to ensure that they apply the punitive powers of the state only compatibly with the dignity of women.
Coincidentally and compatibly, Manser's own Christian ethics disposed him towards nonviolence.
The D-Link DWL-1700 Wireless Access Point and the D-Link DWL-1750 Wireless Bridge/Router feature a die-cast watertight housing with built-in lightning protection, Power- over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality, extended range, advanced firewall features and compatibly with existing 802.
In addition, these components are compatibly designed to ensure optimum performance.
11 standards, allowing wireless technology to evolve quickly and compatibly to fulfill its market potential.
In the Constitutional Court, government accepted that same-sex partners are entitled to found their relationships compatibly with their sexual orientation and agreed that the restrictive legal meaning of the word 'spouse' not only offends against same-sex partners but also against heterosexual partners in permanent life--lasting relationships.
We've had to reconcile what we do, in fundamental areas like measuring systems, in order to assure that all the components make and compatibly work together," O'Keefe said.
Tourists mixed comfortably and compatibly with Coventrians yesterday as the festival provided a fitting tribute to the heart and history of "Godiva-land".
To solve this problem that is growing at Internet speed, InDefense applied its patented, Windows-based security technology to create a solution that operates compatibly with popular anti-virus programs.
If private lands are not managed compatibly with the needs of species found on public lands, then those public lands will, at best, become islands of protected habitat, too small in many instances to support viable populations of imperiled species, too far removed from each other to enable dispersal and genetic interchange, too few in number to guard against the vagaries of demographic chance and natural disaster, and too exposed to threats from outside their boundaries from pollution, exotic species, water depletion, and other factors.
To compatibly mix and match link widths (and eventually faster link signaling) the end-points of a link are expected to auto-negotiate a mutually acceptable width and speed.
The concept soars to delicious post-Thanksgiving heights as leftover turkey replaces the tuna fish and teams compatibly with sweet chutney and sharp Cheddar cheese.